In the 60s of the 20th Century Prof. Dr. Dobri Paliev found out the good sonorous qualities and solidity of the acacia wood and started manufacturing xylophones.

This tradition has been taken over by Mr. Antonin Brjechka, soloist and Art Manager of Percussion Ensemble "POLYRHYTHMIA" and since 1982 he has made over 700 Xylophones and Marimbas. All his instruments have been appreciated in France, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, USA, Taiwan, Greece and Macedonia.

The Antonko marimbas and xylophones, good both for training students and for concerts, are well known for their sonority and durability. The well-arranged overtones enable the marimbas and xylophones to sound harmoniously in all registers. The plastic resonators are tuned by means of wooden caps and in this way a natural timbre of the sound is achieved. The Padouk bars are so durable and hard wearing that a student can practise daily for a period of ten-twelve years or more. The Antonko marimbas and xylophones are suitable for students of all levels - beginners, advanced, as well as professional percussionists. Their reasonable prices make them accessible to everybody.

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